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Create smartwatch can detect emotions

After the boom and bust that have suffered the devices, wearable, which have focused, basically by themes of massiveness, thequantification of activity data, can now that we begin to find other areas where we can help.

Researchers of the laboratory of computer science and Artificial Intelligence at MIT have created a device wearable capable of sensing the emotions of the rest to the talk.

Through artificial intelligence applied to various factors such as pitch and volume, it is able to predict with more than 80% of effectiveness how each other feels.

According to one of its creators:

Imagine that, at the end of a conversation, you can rewind and see moments where the people surrounding you feel more anxious. Our work is a step in that direction, we believe that we could not be so far away from a world where people can have an artificial intelligence social coaching in their pockets.

Insurance would be a great help for people with conditions like light degrees of autism or asperger syndrome. It could become a very useful tool in your treatment to improve day by day what do you think?

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