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Created by Chilean app saves you time with the account of the restaurant

They say that in the future we will be able to pay everything with our cell, and already is serving. The Chilean Francisco Opazo and Jean Philippe Cazenave thought about waiting times and restaurants: Pipolemerged from there.

This application saves all that time that is often lost waiting for you to bring you the account when you eat at a restaurant or when you ask food by delivery.

The work of these two entrepreneurs began in the year 2013 and his idea was always linked to create a secure system of payment that was more convenient for the customer, and that also affects the quality of the services.


As work other popular applications, the user has download Pipol on the App Store corresponding to the operating system being used – IOS or Android – and associate it to a credit card.

Once you’re at a restaurant and want to use the application, do the check-in to gain access to all the tools of Pipol: see the consumption account in real time, close it when the customer wants and pay either shared or separate.

If you want to know more about Pipol, you can follow their official accounts of social networks on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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