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Creator of Phonebloks calls to Google Project Ara changes

Three years ago, the idea of creating a 100% modular smartphone was something almost inconceivable, but Dave Hakkens had the certainty of shape and give rise to Phonebloks, the project that would end up teaming up with Motorola, then owned by Google, to give shape to what we now know as Project Ara.

However, Hakkens is not happy with the latest advancements that the giant computer, has presented during the activities of the I/o 2016, as says, in a scathing publication on his personal blog, the original concept of Phonebloks has been completely diluted to become something else, less functional and little faithful to the original principle of the concept.

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The main problem with Dave is part of Project Ara, which now integrates the CPU, antenna, sensors, battery and the screen as base, which means that these elements do not can be replaced with other modules, something that runs counter to the original idea, which was 100% of the components of the smartphone could be changed to suit the user.

Google is one of the most poderorsas in the world, with a serious amount of resources available, so I think that they can do something better. Not focus on developing the following smartphone that generates sales, focus on creating the phone of the future, one that really is for the whole world.

Hakkens asserts that these changes are more focused to a dynamic competition and differentiation of products, where Google has the ability to dial that could modify the components to pleasure, the guideline about the course of Project Ara, to the extent forcing others to follow his rhythm.

The video shown on Google I/o 2016 Project Ara finally shows a more functional prototype, but whose proposal is almost identical to the G5 LG.

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