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Creator of Vine launches a new application videos

After news of the eventual closure of Vine have emerged various initiatives and strategies to save this video platform to the extent possible. Everyone is in mourning, but his co-creators have wasted no time and already have u na new app you are working.

Developed by Rus Yusupov and Colin Kroll, two of the original fathers of Vine, HYPE is a social application designed to make video broadcastings, by adding a series of animations and music to each transmission, under the idea of the most original and entertaining transmissions.


By the time the app is in its beta testing phase, with support only for iOS, and among his first steps is a transmission made by Yusupov and Kroll, who took the opportunity to share some of their memories of the early days of Vine.

In those times came was a platform full of potential and promising, until Twitter it took to finish leaving it makes some days, leaving to a wide community of users to the derived.

Seems that HYPE begins to repeat some parallels, but in days more hotly contested and saturated, because that will compete directly with Periscope and Facebook Live.

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