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Crook, an Assistant robot whose functionality will surprise you


Crook is a sympathetic robot of assistance that today seeks to become reality through a campaign that is still underway Indiegogo portal. This robot stands out for being very oriented not only to make company to anyone, but to take care of his health since his main mission is to dispense medicines at the time and at the right time.

One of the main qualities of Pillo lies precisely in the design that has been created this cute robot since, instead of opting to design much more sober and functional, pill makers have decided to do the opposite, complicate your life and endow this unique project of a round screen showing the sympathetic face product. Thanks to this detail, as well as dispensing medicines, it can serve as a personal assistant solving questions on different subjects related to health, food, exercise, medication…

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Pillo functionality does not stop here since, its creators have decided to go beyond offering a unique connected device with screen, camera and ability to recognize both our image and our voice even to be able to video conferencing with our doctor. Personally, while their creators claim that its function is the dispense medicines, the truth is that it seems much more a kind of Amazon Echo with eyes than anything else.

If you are interested in get any unit, let know you that this is the right moment since today, if you finance the project, you can get a unit at a price of $ 269. If on the contrary you wait until it reaches the market price will grow to $ 599.



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