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Cyanogen Inc, its layoffs of staff and the future of Kondik


Steve Kondik was one of the founders of Cyanogen Inc. as the business of that group of developers non-profit offering support to a large number of devices that passed into oblivion by big companies like LG and Samsung in the early years of Android.

Cyanogen Inc. was born with all the possible joys, but it has been in her little short time of life in which, due to certain decisions, has been losing that initial bellows, to find ourselves today that its headquarters in Seattle could disappear before the end of the year 2016.

Is even Steve Kondik of which or is knows its future immediate in this small company, something already quite striking for the future of this company that their idylls with Microsoft and any that another adventure taken, it has led to some spaces in which is more easy think in its disappearance that in a sprouting surprising.

And is that in the report of today is has found that is saying goodbye to more workers, to even delete the office that has in Seattle. To those workers, at least to some, is les has given the option of route is to the office that have in stick high, where precisely is has fired to two that were working in Android.

The report also claims that the future of the co-founder of the company is unknown. In October, Cyanogen confirmed that the CEO Kirt McMaster is was moving to the role of director Executive and that Lior such would be the new CEO. In that time, the CEO said that the focus of the company would be moving is to the new program Cyanogen Modular YOU instead of sell your own system operating custom.

Now hope know any statement official of the company to know about his future, since seems completely uncertain.

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