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December 6 will be the new my 5 c Xiaomi


It marks china not leaves escape the opportunity of make noise and in this occasion is is of your device Christmas, the Xiaomi my 5 c. This would reach the market according to the latest leaks this December 6, i.e., the first Tuesday of the month coming.

Everything seems to indicate that this new lower cost than the current device my 5S might have two models, differentiated by the screen, one 5.2-inch and 5.5 inch. In any case the important thing in these devices is careful design that offers Xiaomi, the low-cost will be for the user and the specifications that add.

And speaking of the specifications remain which have seen rumoreadas a few days ago but it seems that it will add two versions in terms of the size of the screen. He is expected that its price is one of the incentives for users since less than 200 euros for the 5.2-inch model may be interesatne, but this is something that we will confirm within a few days.

For now we can say that the firm has continued to present devices at all this year and while not seem to have done very well this strategy of releases as followed (many wanted to wait for the new models seeing the pace of releases and have not bought anything at the end) since a little puzzle to users with so many models. In any case we have here another smartphone Xiaomi to be presented this 2016 if the leaks are certain.

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