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Dell begins selling a 70 inch touchscreen monitor

Monitor de 70 pulgadas de Dell

While we expected that we had already seen all the technology of this semester, we were wrong. Dell recently introduced two new projectors, followed by a 70 inch monitor Dell Classroom, a software oriented to the school world.

All these products are school and business-oriented, but certainly the device that has most caught the attention has been 70 inch monitor due to their capacitive touch and the ability to support up to 10 pressure points, i.e., that 10 people could interact with this monitor. 70 inch monitor is aimed at the business world where intends to be used as tool for exhibitions and projects, so Dell has included two optical pens, a remote control and several ports between which is the RJ45 port and several USB ports that will broaden the functionality of the monitor to be able to use the device wirelessly.

70-inch Dell monitor will be oriented towards the business world and the educational

The 70-inch monitor has a fullhd resolution and already can buy from Dell official store. The price of this device is $ 5,000, a good price even if you don’t have an operating system, it is simply a monitor, is also true that can use any operating system and any company or school computer, without having to rely on the native operating system. In this case comparisons are odious, and it is clear that compared to Microsoft Surface Hub. Unlike Microsoft, 70-inch Dell monitor device will be available in 25 days, availability that have no other devices.

I personally believe that this 70-inch Dell monitor is interesting because it does dispense with other gadgets typical rooms of meetings or classes, as the whiteboard or projectors. To change the user has to pay a high price, but a price that can be affordable if these rooms and functions are used too much don’t you think?

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