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Demand Apple for iPhone Wi-Fi

Again the company Apple is involved in a legal dispute about the issue of patents used in its products. This time, is the California Institute of technology who accused the Cupertino company and Broadcom (and its subsidiary Avago Technologies) of violating their licensing related to the Wi-Fi in certain products.

According to Patently Apple, this would be of the 6, iPad, MacBook Air, iPhone Apple Watch and other that they would use a few encoders and decoders LDPC/ANGER that were patented by the Institute between 2006 and 2012 which improve the quality of the wireless connection, and which are implemented both in the standard 802. 11n and 802.11 AC.

In particular, they are four patents related to this technology and that would have been used by both companies in the previously designated devices sued (in the case of Broadcom, with the implementation of Wi-Fi chips). The lawsuit was filed in the Court of the Central District of California on May 26.

There is mentioned that Apple manufactures and markets products that are equipped with encoders and decoders whose patents have been violated. He is expected that the Institute demand compensation for the loss of potential royalties, in addition to demanding a lawsuit against both companies.

As we remember, recently Apple faced Samsung broken patent, in addition to recently reported that it also had a conflict to be accused of using licenses related to 3D Touch technology.

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