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Develop a switch genetic capable of deleting those bad memories

interruptor genético

In a paper published by a group of scientists made up of members of the KU Leuven University, Belgium, as the Institute of Neurobiology Leibniz of Germany, can find detailed all the research process that has come to discover that it is possible to erase the memories of unpleasant memory of any be alive through a genetic switch.

Basically what this research suggests is that it can erase from the mind all kinds of memories that are related to accident or traumatic events through the deactivation or ‘off‘ of certain very specific gene. Tests performed on mice with the gene neuroplastin, a gene that has today has been investigated by very few teams in the world and is of special importance for brain plasticity, are quite encouraging that scientists could make a mouse forget associative behavior that had learned through genetic modification.

This possible genetic switch could be that we olvid√°semos traumatic memories

In tests, is taught a series of mice that, when turned on certain light should run towards her. Thanks to this, it became clear that by modifying the gene to certain rodents, turned to the light they stayed still while mice that had intact gene continued running toward the light.

By the time the investigation is in its early stages of development although the researchers do not rule out that in future advances permitting to erase painful memories of the mind of people occur. As detail, let know you that in humans this gene and its possible changes have been linked recently to the decrease of intellectual ability and schizophrenia.

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