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Development of the S8 Galaxy would be delayed because of the Galaxy Note 7

Samsung is shows determined to leave well buried the incident with the Galaxy Note 7, however seems that are having problems in their calendar of production for the Galaxy S8, because not can give with the cause that detonates the combustion spontaneous of these terminals.

Weeks ago circulates the strong rumor that Samsung indeed has no idea what the problem of Galaxy Note 7, and now, a new report, published in the Wall Street Journal, says that this search for causes been delayed already two weeks development schedule for the Galaxy S8.

This statement, according to the newspaper. It would come directly from an anonymous member of the development team of the Galaxy S8, who says that it still does not know with certainty what the real cause which causes overheating and possible fire in Galaxy Note 7.

A delay of two weeks not would represent directly that the new smartphone of Samsung go to have that go their date of release, but itself located to Samsung again in a position where would have that rush all for meet with your calendar.

What could edging to another conflict similar to the of the Galaxy Note 7, where the urgency by leaving to the market before the iPhone 7 would have been a factor of weight to accelerate the development of the terminal defective.

In any case, Samsung is obliged to Galaxy S8 to exit the market without any problem. Otherwise could be exposed to a critical situation in the extreme.

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