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DisplayLink manages to connect four screens with 4K resolution via a usb


While the 4K resolution takes time with us, it is now when it seems that technology is coming to the final market and that makes that many companies are moving to reach this market. One of these companies is DisplayLink recently tabled a new chip that will enable to connect multiple displays with 4 K resolution each other and to a computer via a USB port.

This represents a breakthrough since the USB port is better known and used than other ports such as VGA (if still used but less and less) and in addition will allow most practical mobile solutions than with previous solutions.

The new DisplayLink chip is called DL-6950, a chip that will be compatible with the exits of many screens and TVs that are on the market, but even so, DisplayLink will create a small adapter so that the chip may be led to 4 K televisions who do not have your chip. Something similar happened long ago when the company launched an adapter allowing to connect displays with USB 2 and 3 USB ports, offering high resolutions through these ports, something that had not been so far.

DisplayLink will offer the possibility of connecting four displays 4K to mobile with USB port

The truth is that many will appreciate to connect four screens with 4K resolution for situations that need it, but true it is also that the price of these devices is still high and there will be many people who have money to buy four screens with 4 K resolution although if there will be some that want to connect 3 screens or less displays as 2 do you you think?

Personally I think that DisplayLink developments are interesting, at least for situations such as companies or shows where you need to be more mobile, and practical, but clearly, this technology to the end user is still far from his hands or that I believe you what you think?

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