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DJI already has new drone and is spectacular: DJI Mavic Pro


The new DJI Mavic Pro is really a drone that any of us would want to have to spend a good while flying and above all record some images spectacular from the air. This drone is not a toy and is DJI tends to have very professional products and on this occasion the presentation of the DJI Mavic Pro has left everyone open-mouthed by their size and weight, but above all for the benefits that offers us in terms of video recording, the taking of photographs and simplicity in the management to make it fly.

No doubt we are one of the best (i.e. not the best) drones that we have today in the market is that the relief of the DJI Phantom 4, has not left anyone indifferent. This new drone Magic Pro, is completely foldable “arms” both rotors can easily move it beyond wherever we go and have a camera capable of recording video at 4 K (30 FPS) and 1080 p (120 FPS), with a minimum of 0.5 focus distance meters. In addition, now allows record video in format vertical thanks to the rotation of the camera and 12 MP to take photographs in format RAW with stabilizer of three axes.


The speed that can reach is similar to the of previous generation and reaches approximately ones 65 km / h and has of a good handful of sensors to stabilize the flight, detect objects and not collide, follow objects in movement without need of use tracker or nothing similar, is capable of return to House of form automatic if the battery is is running out or in case of loss of connection with the control and a lot of news rather than can found in the web of the manufacturer.

Is you can attach to the control the device mobile for see in all time what is recording the camera and make photographs spectacular, is much more small that the of the version previous Phantom 4, have available them glasses DJI Goggles that us allow see in first person the camera while flies, etc. The only bad thing in this type of professional drones is undoubtedly its price, this DJI Magic Pro costs in Europe 1199 euros with shipping included. Want to try it there we…

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