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[Download APK] Spotify back in Android to the bar bottom of navigation


Material Design is the language of design imposed by Google from Android 5.0 Lollipop. That language that is worth of a panel of navigation side, animations appropriate and a button FAB (in some apps), has served to form another type of interaction with a SO for devices mobile that leaves each time more triumphant with each new update.

Spotify was one of those apps on Android that advocated the side navigation panel to sail one of the most interesting spaces of the same to access lists of reproduction, radio or scan. It is now, since the beta, when it returns to the lower navigation bar to replace that panel which seems that it is outdated, although not so much.

The bottom navigation bar from five tabs, allows access to the most important parts of one of the most popular music streaming services of the moment (40 million subscribers). It is why coming to replace the old side navigation pane and which has remained for a time in the Android app.

From the navigation bar you can access Home, browse, search, Radio, and your library. This new bar runs a little more up the playback and leads to other different sensations to have all most important spotify from a same and own screen without having to make gestures.

So unique that this bar new is available in the program beta of Spotify for Android. Which not are participating, can choose to download the APK that then have to test an of the news more striking of this service of streaming in what goes of year.

To the being in beta can be subject to changes of last hour, although all seems that that bar is going to stay with us during a time.

Download the APK from the version of Spotify Beta

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