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Download for free the book “The world in my hand: the revolution of the data mobile”

The impact of mobile technologies in Latin America is undeniable. The progress of this technology worldwide, its speed and early adoption have changed the paradigm of how behaves the human being today.

The book “The world in my hand: the revolution of the data mobile” the País Digital Foundation collects incredible literary and photographic work around this phenomenon and the results are amazing.

Gives the kick Ricardo Greene, with whom we were lucky to share yesterday and that we had more on his work. The sociologist of the Faculty of social sciences of the Catholic University of Maule writes “Territories in motion”, a study conducted through surveys, registers and analyses over the years in the cities, town and rural locations that are connected and influence each other in the area of Talca.

The idea is to expand this study to the entire country and view the behavior of Chileans with his cell phone in the entire territory and areas. You can download the book in this link’s form completely free and legal, in format PDF.

You leave with an of the stories collected by Greene:



Farmer, 44 years

Miguel was born in it heat, sector rural close to San Clemente, and spent the childhood helping to his father with crops and animals: “lived isolated.” “Not had TV nor light, only radios to pile”, recalls with the pride of who has attained overcome a world adverse. To the end the Basic is was to an interned in Talca and is you “opened the world”, although instead of search something different, as made their brothers, never hesitated in follow working the land: “but not to the agriculture of subsistence”, warns, but to something more made: “saw to my father selling them crops and said: would why not packaged and ends the product?”. Studied for technical agricultural, and as not had resources or land, set up a nursery in house of a friend. In 2010, when the company had prospered enough, bought a plot in Panguilemito, where it operates today. It says that the cell is essential for their work, especially WhatsApp, because you use it to communicate with customers, know the price of the dollar and keep up with the latest products biochemicals. Cares much for the team and always has the best, because you need to hold the 90% humidity and 45 ° heat that hit the greenhouse. Being your working tool, not to let their children use it and leave it at home when you go riding: “I do rodeo and is I can fall”, explains. Now less going to the rodeo, that Yes, because the business has grown and receives emails and messages throughout the day: “I get so many things that I turn off at night. This facilitates the business but also has a family cost”.


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