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Driver or pedestrian? Mercedes it is clear, first the driver

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Car independent of Google.

Autonomous car is the future, that there is no no doubt us. However, at the same time that new technology is created, new controversies are created, in this case we will talk about the moral of this type of vehicles, or the absence of it. The problem lies in the situation of imminent and inevitable accident, because it might be the situation, that Electronics is the vicissitude of choose life (or lives) pedestrian (pedestrian), or that of the pilot, its owner and who supposedly is. Mercedes, however, it has clear, before the doubt their vehicles autonomous will have preference over the conductor.

According to a recent study of the MIT (Institute technological of Massachusetts), the 76% of them users is would rise to a car autonomous, however, the thing low radically to the 33% when is you advises to the user of that the vehicle is scheduled to risk the life of them passengers in Exchange for save ten people. This doubt arises gradually at the same pace that grow autonomous vehicles, in fact our colleague Jordi commented that Otto has completed the first consecutive 200 kilometres in one of its trucks.

However, Mercedes not gives place to doubt, their cars autonomous keep sow the objective of that them passengers of their vehicles continue living. Therefore, issue closed to the respect, those vehicles autonomous of Mercedes have the decision taken by programming. However, things change with respect to each company, and they continue to get autonomous cars to be able to take if same best decisions regarding these issues.

Do you what do you think? The argument between the survival of passenger or pedestrian it will be a constant until the companies according to the subject, leave your opinion in this respect.

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