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Drones of Star Wars that make you it great


It was a matter of time, Star Wars-themed drones have reached the market. These Propel brand devices are already delighting users, or will be shortly, since the reserves have been opened to be able to get them. We are going to tell you a little bit about these drones of theme Star Wars with which we can take a good fun time slicing through the air. Intergalactic ships give turns by rooms or outside, taste of the consumer, so we can navigate at high speeds thanks to Propel. We will not deny it, a question that we did about drones was: how long will take to launch drones of Star Wars?

These drones called Star Wars Batlle Drones will reach them 56 Km / h nothing more and nothing less, really fast, however, the price will be to to the height of the performance (it left for the end). These drones are a bit special, used a reverse propulsion mechanism, i.e., the propellers are in the lower part of the drone, unlike the majority of devices available on the market. This aerodynamic design responds to the need to design true to Star Wars ships, was the only possibility.

Them links with Star Wars not is limited to the design and the brand, supposedly can have battles air of up to 24 pilots thanks to them lasers with which have. The problem, as we have said before, is the price. Approximately 260 euros for the three models available, 74-Z Speeder Bike, T-65 x-wing Starfighter, and Vader TIE advanced X 1. Fans of the saga will miss the Millennium Falcon, but everything can not be, at least for now, we can imagine that if the idea curdles, will be a matter of time to begin to launch more models.

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