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DxOMark publishes its full review on Google Pixel camera

From the time of its official launch, the smartphone Google Pixel, was promoted as the owner of the best camera phone in the world, with the highest score in the history of the DxOMark evaluation platform, today made public this analysis.

The study, where Google Pixel camera got a scoring record of 89 points, shows exhaustively the ability of the camera to capture images in different environments and under different parameters of manipulation, achieving exemplary pictures in each case.

(C) DxOMark(C) DxOMark

Their ranges of exposure and contrast, as well as the spectrum of lighting, achieved through his HDR Plus technology, allow Pixel photographs stand out slightly from the rest, since it allows a greater degree of detail and digital manipulation once taken the portrait.

Just see the comparative classic to make sure that the Google smartphone slightly differs from the rest:

(C) DxOMark(C) DxOMark

In relation to video capture camera also had an outstanding performance, highlighting especially the function of its digital stabilizer, which achieved a soft and fluid effect although the capture of sequences is rugged and full of jumps.

It is not one minor achievement. The people of DxOMark has distinguished itself as highly rigorous in their assessments, and some cameras that promised much on the role of your specifications often have been knocked down by these tests.

The camera could be the perfect excuse to buy a Pixel.

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