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Energy Phone Max 2 +, the middle range comes to stay


Energy Sistem presented yesterday its new range of devices, among which we could not miss the product star, the Energy Phone. They had a good show us two new smart phones, Energy Phone Max 2 +, which we’ll talk about right now. A clear commitment to the middle range, without any reduction in performance or show great fanfare, Energy Sistem aims to offer consumers exactly what they buy. We have been testing the phablet of Energy Sistem that will cause all the rage this Christmas, and we want to tell you what has been our experience with him.

The Energy Phone Max 2 + is a mid-range device, with a finish in polycarbonate, chord with the price that presents the device. In addition, it is a material that many users prefer for its resistance. Does not follow the footsteps of other manufacturers, features a flat screen (without Crystal 2, 5 d) that will allow us to place without concern on duty tempered glass. In terms of design, cool and outgoing with quite classic colours, that will allow us to not go unnoticed with our Max 2 +, without being strident. Rugged polycarbonate rear is visually striking, although perhaps too easy to get dirty.


In terms of hardware, with a screen 5.5 inch in resolution HD with panel IPS, will have more than enough to reproduce audiovisual content in all situations. For this employs a processor of four nuclei, courtesy of MediaTek, accompanied of 2 GB of memory RAM, that is displayed sufficient for the majority of tasks, without demand at the time of video games course. In terms of connectivity, the band is missing 4 G LTE, the 4.1 Bluetooth and a microSD connection of up to 128 GB. Everything as always, by the hand of the Android system, this time in version 6.0.


The camera is particularly relevant on this occasion, 13 MP at the rear, with a flash dual-tone to make photographs more realistic possible in low light. For selfies, 5 MP displayed more than enough. Autonomy is another strong point, 3,500 mAh that delight users, and that will allow us to play content on your screen of 5, 5″ without worrying because we leave pulled. On the other hand, the internal storage part and leave aside in 16 GB, which should be no problem, thanks to the microSD reader.

trasera-xtreme-soundTechnology Xtreme Sound, which brings more power 1W, accompanied by a double filter that will give us clarity. Have could test the performance of the audio in conditions quite adverse, and the reality is that the audio us has left with the mouth open, in a device that costs so only 159€ and can acquire it in them retail common as the Court English or Worten.

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