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Energy Phone Pro 3, the new commitment of Energy Sistem is now official

Energy Phone Pro 3

Mobile World Congress continues to advance to full speed, and while there is not too much the Spanish presence, it has managed to gain a foothold among the owners of the day. That privilege has been Energy Sistem and its new Energy Phone Pro 3, the new mobile device from the company of the heart in which premieres new and interesting technologies.

Among them is the double rear camera or fingerprint sensor, and also has Android Nougat 7.0 installed natively, something that is always welcome. Also when we get to the price and availability within this article, you’ll notice that Energy Sistem is still committed to quality at reduced prices.

In terms of design Energy Sistem is still committed to a continuous line that we saw in the Energy Phone Pro and that much we liked when we performed the analysis of the device. Energy Phone Pro 3 again boasts a body with metallic finish and in which it has taken care of down to the last detail, including once again the beautiful logo of the Spanish company on his back.

Features and specifications

Then we are going to do a review for the key features and specifications of this new Energy Phone Pro 3;

  • Dimensions: 76.4 x 154 x 8.2 mm
  • Weight: 160 grams
  • Screen: 5.5 inches with resolution Full HD IPS
  • Processor: Mediatek Octacore Cortex-A53 to 1.5 GHz
  • RAM: 3 GB
  • Internal memory: 32 GB expandable by up to 256 GB microSD cards
  • Rear camera: double 13 megapixel AF camera with option to make photos in 3D
  • Front camera: 5 megapixel sensor
  • Operating system: Android Nougat 7.0
  • Battery: 3000 mAh with quick charge
  • Other: Sensor tracks, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g /, USB type C, 4.1 Bluetooth, 4 G, GPS, GLONASS…

In view of these features and specifications, there is no doubt that we are at a terminal that it will become part of so-called mid-range of the market, but with a touch of high range of the most interesting such as the dual camera or the power and performance that we will be having a processor such as Mediatek Octacore Cortex-A53.

Camera double, the great commitment of Energy Sistem

Energy Sistem

One of the elements that more to the attention of this new Energy Phone Pro 3 is without a doubt the double rear camera, which until now only we had seen in a few terminals, most belonging to the so-called high end of the market.

Also called care placement, which is vertical on the back, unlike the majority of double Chambers. Thanks to this new technology of the Spanish company we will be able to Edit the photographs once, to adjust the focus point, delete items or unwanted people and even see them in 3D. As curiosity can tell you that we can even use the popular Google Cardboard for viewing in three dimensions.

As for the camera interface, Energy Sistem remains committed to offering of Google stock with small custom settings for the dual camera, something that is always very welcome.

The results, from what little we’ve been able to prove terminal at MWC are more than good, and that the possibility of releasing the photographs subsequently gives a great advantage over other devices of this type and to move in the same areas in which this Energy Phone Pro 3 will move when within a few days is available on the market.

Price and availability

According to has confirmed to us in a way official Energy Sistem this new Energy Phone Pro 3 will be available for purchase starting on April 28, for a price that will be placed in the 269 euros.

If he has convinced this new smartphone of the Spanish company already can book it through your website, which can be accessed from the following link, although the delivery will not be never before April 28, release date set for this new mobile device. In a few days or weeks will begin to be available in specialty stores and of course in online stores such as Amazon.

Do you think this new Energy Phone Pro 3 which will be available very soon?. Tell us in the space reserved for the comments on this post or via any of the social networks in which we are present.

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