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Enjoy of the smell that emit them Mac new with this candle


You can be denied to that we like the smell of new products or devices that we buy always. During the first days the odor tends to permeate is in all the room until finally disappears. The possibility of power transmit odors by internet is an of them possibilities that to day of today still are a utopia that hard are going to to enjoy, at least in them next years. But if what want is enjoy of the smell that follows a Mac new, can make us with the candle of Twelve South, a… device? gadget?… a candle that smells of new Mac. Is clear that the imagination of some companies goes much more beyond of what we could imagine.


Logically, this candle is destined to all those fanboys who want to company headquartered in Cupertino above all things. The guys from Twelve South have managed to recreate the smell given off by the Mac anything more out of the box, a very characteristic odor of products that manufactures Apple. This candle this made with soy and contains essence be Mint, peach, Basil and other wonderful essences as we can read in the description of the candle.

This candle, whose duration is of 45 to 55 minutes this available through the website of the company to a price of $24 with shipping free to any State of United States. Of time not know if the company has plans to sell this candle through Amazon in others parts of the world, but can be the start of a series of candles scented that begin to emulate smells of others products, although with a duration lower to the hour and with that price, not know as fanboy can be willing to pay by enjoy of the smell to Mac new in your House.

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