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Entel launches its 4 G + network nationwide

In an event made today in Talca, spokespersons of Entel next to the Undersecretary of telecommunications, Rodrigo Ramirez, put up the network 4 G + for all Chile.

In principle, only them regions I, II, V, VI, VIII and Region Metropolitan had with this technology that combines the use of them bands of 2600 MHz and 700 MHz, that allows have speeds of down of to 40Mbps according to the company (although know that in them conditions correct can be a lot more).

Now the people of Arica to Punta Arenas can count with this service, although is should have a terminal compatible and today that is a benefit that usually enjoys the range high or them teams more new.

According to what said by Entel:

This implementation leaves highlighted the commitment of our Undersecretary and mobile operators by make available technology to Chileans, which allows both an improvement in experience between users who today already enjoy 4G connectivity, but also brings associated deployment of service of voice and data in locations isolated through the model for consideration, which the State has promoted the latest tenders. All Chileans benefit from these technological implementations.

It is expected that other companies put a day in the matter the democratization of connectivity is to be effective. We will be attentive to the next moves of the operators.

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