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EPN wants to cancel 8 articles of their own law on telecommunications

He Institute Federal of telecommunications (IFT) just of receive a hard hit to his autonomy from one of their main drive: the President of the Republic Enrique penalty Nieto, who just of filed a controversy constitutional for override eight articles of the law Federal of telecommunications and broadcasting that he same prompted.

In a press conference, the legal advisor to the Presidency of the Republic, Humberto Castillejos, and spokesman of the Government of the Republic, Eduardo Sánchez, unveiled the presidential movement justified on the grounds of excess of powers granted to IFT that actually apply it to the Federal Executive power:


The Constitution does not give to the Federal Telecommunications Institute faculty to regulate the right to hearings, therefore any regulation must be provided in the law and in case of required be detailed or provide something in the administrative sphere, it would be a competence of the President of the Republic, through the respective regulations.

The spokesman for the President said that Peña Nieto considered that eight articles of the Federal Telecommunications Act invaded powers that are constitutionally the President of the Republic. So it seeks to declare invalid articles 15, 216, 256, 257, 258, 259, 260 and 261, on the grounds that carry a vice of origin.

In parallel, the Senate also promoted the Court a constitutional controversy against those articles, pointing out that the IFT could exert a “prior censorship” over their area of jurisdiction. He point delicate here is that the article 256 is reference to them rights of those citizens, and cancel it involves another series of consequences.

In the past the IFT has already participated in controversial regulations, including approval of some guidelines of wiretap citizens. So that this constitutional controversy can be favourable or anything, depending on the changes at the end.

While come positions, where speaks of a frank violation of the autonomy of the IFT, into an appendix presidential machinery, which has not distinguished precisely by their ethics and transparency.

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