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EverNote will restrict their free accounts


One of the most used programs worldwide recently changed its terms of use, conditions that will not only affect a few users but to all who use your application as well as its premium services. We are talking about Evernote, the famous application for taking notes that both the world uses, either from their mobile devices, right from their desktops, but after the change, they may not use both as far. The Evernote team continues to work so that your service and application do not need financing of ads so it has made changes such as a rise in prices or restricting use to release their servers and having to pay less for maintenance.

Free Evernote accounts may only be used on two devices

Thus, users of lto free account may continue to use their accounts but only on two devices that will indicate. This measure is intended to reduce the consumption of bandwidth and servers for the same cost or less have the same service. The Plus and Premium accounts also have changed, raising its price per month, although this rise is almost negligible for the user that actually use Evernote in a professional manner. By the time these changes they will be gradually so that users of free accounts may adapt to the imposed restriction.

Although the promised (deliver advertising app) with these changes it is interesting, the truth is that this measure is and will be quite unpopular, something that will make many users close their account and prefer to opt for other similar services more affordable for their pockets. In any case it seems that the Evernote team does not stand and continues to work on improving its services, including its application to take notes, something interesting for the app we use continuously, do not you think?

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