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Facebook already test the button of “do not like” Facebook Messenger

I like, I am amazed, I love… but where is the button for “no me gusta”? It seems that the prayers of millions of users around the world are being heard by the development team that works under the command of Mark Zuckerberg, the genius of social networks has already ordered to test the button of “I don’t like”, and so they are using their instant messaging platform Facebook Messenger. The first glimpses of a button that could in the coming weeks formally to the rest of the company uses, as well as the web version of the world’s most visited social network.

It has been the Tech Chrunch team who has tested and discovered this new feature. As you know, Facebook Messenger we can make interactions with messages in particular, choosing from the range of possibilities that you provided us Facebook so far. However, has joined a new highly anticipated by many, the button of “I don’t like” seems to be finally coming to Facebook Messenger, so its appearance in the general version of the social network is a matter of time. Mark Zuckerberg already warned a few months ago that the button of “I don’t like” would sooner or later, were only working to know the best method to enter it without causing some damage.

Other platforms such as YouTube already have for years with a system of disapproval, not like it is not always an indication of poor quality, because we know that the world of internet is full of “haters”, however, everything is a matter of see how the public reacts to this novelty. I position as one of the plaintiffs in the button “I don’t like”, although this button can cause in the long run more than an argument between real and virtual friends.

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