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Facebook copied again to Snapchat to stop the false news


During the holding of elections in the United States, Facebook became an important source of false news, which supposedly could have influenced the election results. For treat of improve its image, the company of Mark Zuckerberg will modify it form in that is publishing news in it network social to avoid that again is slip news of doubtful origin. And again for this, will return to start up machinery of copy to the platform that years ago tried to buy all possible ways without success. We are speaking of Snapchat.

As we can read in Business Insider, Facebook will launch a new function called Collections. This new section we will show the content of them media previously selected by the company, to avoid that again have that do the ridiculous publishing news false. At the moment, and as reported sources related to the project, Facebook has begun to make the first contacts with the companies that may be interested, but at the moment it is unclear when the guys at Cupertino are planning to launch this new feature.

This way, Facebook would improve relations with major publishersand editors who could only display your information in a relevant way if they obtained a large number of likes or if it was shared by a large number of people. In addition, this ensures that from that moment, it will not make ridiculous by publishing false news, a fact that also affected Google, which has taken another route to prevent the false news again doing its August.

The function again contained in Snapchat, where he only published information on a select group of media, it has again been the source of inspiration for the employees of Mark Zuckerberg. It is clear that not it he sat nothing good to Zuckerberg the having could not buy Snapchat at the time to pass different and substantial offers made by the owners.

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