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Facebook develops a method for censoring content in China

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Many are them multinational that have tried enter in the great market Chinese, but due to the restrictions of the Government, the censorship of the country has prevented that Google, Twitter or YouTube could offer their services of form usual, what forced to these giant to leave the country without punches of return. One of the services left the country years ago, Facebook, intends to return to the country and this is developing a tool that allows you to automatically redact content publishing users on the social network, for in this way have more freedom when it comes to work.

The creation of this tool has been confirmed by The New York Times and several employees who have collaborated in the development of this automatic service of censorship, which according to claim several employees are in testing phase in addition to being a secret, which has naturally ceased to be after publication by this American Journal.

According to those workers that have collaborated in the development of this application, Facebook not suppresses them messages, but simply is dedicated to monitor all them stories that publishing in the network social, stories that according to the content is will supervise by a third company, dependent of the Government Chinese, that would be who finally would approve the publication or elimination of the same.

Above and to avoid leaving a country, Facebook restricts automatically contained in countries such as Russia or Turkey, countries that also have a service of censorship, but not as exaggerated as that of the Chinese Government. China is a country very important for Facebook due to the great number of user potential that you can offer, users that would be object of the advertising of the network social, what you would bring new e important income to the company.

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