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Facebook introduces new Messenger bots

Facebook Messsenger chatbot

Already a few weeks ago we had the addition of bots on Facebook Messenger as a virtual assistant that is capable of responding to all types of questions and that comes very well to all kinds of sites and businesses. A few bots that are directed towards the support or mismamente the ability to respond to any user through one time for the forecast of the following days.

Since the social network launched the chatbots for Messenger, have been created more than 11,000 bots and more than 23,000 developers logged in the bots engine. This confirms the success of this initiative to offer a great service for the hundreds of thousands of pages that exist in Facebook and for what the social network has tried to improve with the update which announced yesterday.

The publication launched yesterday same Facebook has highlighted the possibility that users now have to use the chatbots to rate it and offer feedback to the developers; something similar to what happens with apps in different virtual stores. Another of them new functionalities for the developers is the option of “answers fast” that allow select between several. With several buttons is you can quickly choose a response without wasting much time.

Other added options include Navigation persistent in the same window, where the user forget the text command. Either we can forget a choice for the link from the account that allows you to connect with Messenger.

Finally, you can talk of choice which will have the bots to send GIFs, video and audio as well as files. Facebook has also arranged a blog for everything that has to do with bots to assist developers with tips.

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