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Facebook killed the best application designed

Facebook is not an application that most pleases. While the social network surpasses 1,600 million active users per month, many criticize the version for mobile devices since it affects performance significantly and our mobile devices battery consumption.

Both Facebook, as Messenger and other applications of the company suffering from similar problems, however once existed an app that tried to change the idea that we had of the social network: Paper. Designed by the extinct division Creative Labs, the application debuted in February of the 2014 and quickly be won the recognition of the critical.


Paper offered access to feed news and special content from other sources. All organized as a kind of digital newspaper where the news unfolded with an animation similar to Flipboard, with style and no advertising. Paper focused on the content that interest us and was a member of the list of friends, messages, search and notifications. Updates of our contacts were better that ever thanks to the design on screen complete.


Notwithstanding the foregoing, Paper never managed to take off. The application remained exclusive to the United States, and after some months disappeared from most downloaded applications count. The Android version remained in the Inkwell and the Creative Labs division passed to better life by the end of 2015.

Yesterday Facebook announced that Paper will cease to operate from July 29. The experiment yielded some fruit, since according to The Verge, it laid the groundwork for Instant Articles.

Rest in peace the only well designed application that has been Facebook.

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