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Facebook Messenger also prepares encryption from end to end

Seems that the guys at Facebook Messenger soon follow the same steps to WhatsApp, and would be preparing the last details to release a new update of the app where computed at last complete end-to-end encryption to protect all the privacy of messages posted through this platform.

The report grew out of an alleged log of changes to the latest revision Facebook Messenger app for iOS, which would have been filtered through Twitter by the guys at @iOSAppChanges, where there are different notes on the developed innovations, including a couple of references to the message encryption.

cifrado facebook

It is striking that there are lines that refer to a secret chat function and an improvement in the security settings of the application menu.

The truth is that any existing references on the log of changes refers only to the screenshot released by that account, which puts some doubt the veracity of the update. Even if that is a logical enhancement, because of what he has seen in other apps for messaging, like WhatsApp.

It will be a matter of time before checking this filtration in favour of the security of mobile users.

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