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Facebook Messenger is updated with a lot of emoticons by race and gender

Girl power

The emojis or emoticons we serve to encourage those conversations that you have a pleasant and enjoyable way. Apart from that are also worth not having to lose so much time typing when we can answer with one quickly that expresses happiness or anger.

It is Facebook Messenger, after some novelty to another, when the batteries have been in regard to the emojis and bring us a lot of new emoticons that have to do with race and gender. In this way they not discriminate anyone and any user can use those special emoticons that indicate another kind of senses and expressions.

Messenger adds new emojis and renew a lot of the old. It also includes a pack which has called as “Girl Power” in which it is also possible to find more races so no one is out of place in the game so funny that it is sending and receiving this kind of icons.


A total of 1,500 emojis are those who have been treated or added and that is based on a better representation of gender and skin color. All those emojis will be shown as you see them in your terminal and give equal platform where you are the receiver of the same. You can see a runner, a police officer or mismamente a swimmer.

The curious thing about this update is that you can choose the skin color of your choice by default so you don’t have to be looking for among the great chord list to your person. An interesting initiative that offers wider sights for a few emoticons that are the basis of emotional expression in a chat messaging, and more in one which can now boast of being the second most used on the planet after WhatsApp.

They are available in both Android and iOS as in the rest of platforms.

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