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Facebook Messenger officially launches its chat Assistant

Almost a year that emerged the first signs of the then known as “Monneypenny”, Assistant to chat for Facebook Messenger, the instant messaging service has officially launched it called simply M, which comes accompanied by interesting capabilities.

Although it was intended that M was a wizard capable of facilitating the purchase of goods and services to the users, book flights or restaurants, among other advanced tasks, now talks only means and based on that made some suggestions, according to the official Facebook blog.

To be powered by an artificial intelligence, M will continuously learn user and will only appear when it recognizes the following activities in the talks:

  • Stickers shipping: M suggests a sticker from the simple, such as “thank you” or “Goodbye” interactions.
  • Payment or request for money: M acknowledge when people talk about payments and suggests them an option to send or request money easily.
  • Share your location: M suggested an option to share your location in a conversation.
  • Making plans: when you talk about plans to reunite, M will help suggesting a coordination plan.
  • Start a vote (only available in the group talks): M allows you to easily create a theme of voting when it is difficult to decide in group.
  • Get a trip: when you want to go to a place, M will suggest a journey through Lyft or über.

Facebook wants M to help improve Messenger experience making it more useful, personal and simple from suggestions that will help more users know little-known functions of the messaging service.

By keeping pressed the suggestions offered by M, appear more related options. If any of the suggestions seem useless or unnecessary in a conversation, it is possible to hide it by sliding it to the right. You can even disable M from Facebook Messenger settings.

M sugiriendo stickers.M suggesting stickers.

Unfortunately, by now M is available only United States, but Facebook says that later reach other countries. Let us remember that the messaging service was testing his assistant with a small number of users, the social network experience considered a success.

As we await your arrival, we will have a new way of accessing Facebook Messenger Tools at hand, as quickly share video and images holding box composition and access to games, payments, share location and apply for travel from a new section.

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