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Facebook Messenger will remove the option to chat from the web version

Facebook Messenger

While the social network Facebook is the ideal way to keep in touch with our friends, it seems that the guys from Facebook, don’t stop doing things to lose all possible friends. When Facebook separated out the main messages section launching Facebook Messenger many were users who put the cry in the sky, complaining about the obligation of having to install another application to be able to keep in touch with your friends. According to Facebook was forced due to the large number of messages that it was processed every day and that they were affecting the functioning of the main application.

If you are tired of that the Facebook app is drink the battery of your device, whether iOS or Android, it is likely that you are using the web version which can accessed from our terminals, version with a much better battery consumption to what really is the application, a social network not a game that requires substantial resources.

It seems that there are more users who use this road access not just to visit its wall, but also to maintain conversations with your friends without the use of messaging in the form of application which is available on all mobile platforms and this is starting to hang a message when access messages via the web on which we can read :

Your conversations will be available on Messenger. Soon you will only see your messages from Messenger.

What you’ve told me above, Facebook continues to make friends… Just below these words, we can find a direct link to the application of the corresponding store, we don’t have to go to the store and perform a search of Facebook Messenger.

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