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Facebook shows a video with filters type Prism app


In this frenzy among the greatest struggle, not fall short in to submit apps that try to capture the attention of the public, who installed the original and first copy the ideas of others. The much-talked-about case was that of Snapchat which, faced with the refusal of being purchased by Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg company launched its own app by copying to Snapchat; It was also a dream failure.

Now is when, neither short nor lazy, take to Prism and shows a video that merely copies them filters artistic of this app. Here it shame not exists and while seas an of them powerful, tomas the idea of another, it Spears with another name and almost you invent that you are that innova. Won’t be the first, because there is one out there that tends to do a lot, even on hardware…

And is that Facebook is taking to Prism as the source of inspiration to show them evidence of an app that adds filters artistic for video in time real. Chris Cox, head of product of the network social, showed the app at the event live WSJD.


The new app’s camera of Facebook is currently a prototype that is based on the intelligence artificial. What you get is make the video look like a painting by famous artists of the fine arts in real time using a technology called “style transfer”. What I have said, put a new name and do believe that you’ve devised a new technology, when it is already exists.

Them filters of that app get that the video have an appearance very similar, that chance, to which have seen already in Prism that uses networks neural for convert the photo in a piece artistic with the help of several filters. Here Facebook is invented another name and says that your app uses a new type of technology of intelligence artificial called networks neural Convolutional (takes already).

Not is knows when is launch this app, but is expected to offer more details about the same. Not is that I want to take a little with sarcasm this news, but would be very rather than at least leave clear what are making.

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