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Facebook Slideshow creates animated videos with your photos

If today woke up with the option of creating a presentation on Facebook from the party of the weekend, not you afraid, since Facebook implemented Slideshow to your main application for iOS. Slideshow is part of Moments and is useful for creating music videos for all your pictures.

According to Facebook, the idea behind Slideshow is that you can share those moments that you lived on the last day. If you take more than 5 photos or videos, to open the Facebook application you will be received with the option of creating a video with your screenshots. Here you can choose up to 10 songs with music and special effects.

Apparently Facebook also wants to compete with Snapchat and their stories.

We all know that take pictures and share what they did the weekend love people. Whether it is a family reunion, a trip on Highway with friends or an epic lunch. This new and fun feature will allow you to combine those special photos in a format that captures the spirit of the event.

The option will be enabled when you open the application and allows you to select the photos and videos to then apply any of 10 custom themes. The application allows to visualize the end result before you publish and share it with your friends.

Slideshow is available starting today for users of iOS.

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