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Facebook Slideshow soon come to Android

The fact that Facebook make their applications may seem increasingly to Snapchat data from the previous year, also with the introduction of Slideshow in the implementation of the social network for iOS last June.

This feature allows you to create videos from pictures, to which they can add music. According to Android Police, Facebook is testing Slideshow with a select number of users on Android, function available in the publication section.

(c) Android Police(c) Android Police

To use, IOS is required to have taken five photographs in the last 24 hours. Those who have been able to use it detailed how Slideshow. By clicking on the option in the publication section, the user must select the images that make up the video. Then you must add a title to your publication and music taste.

For obvious reasons we know that Slideshow will be available soon on Facebook for Android. If you are of them lucky that have could try it before anyone, you invite to share your experience in the box of comments.

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