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Facebook Stories is now a reality

Facebook Stories

It has been slow to arrive though, after checking that she Instagram stories is a success, the company responsible for the immense social network has not been them another option to confirm not only that, thanks to this feature, among others, Instagram has achieved tremendous growth, so the time has come to offer this feature to all Facebookusers.

As announced today same Business Insider, apparently, and at the moment Facebook Stories is being tested on a relatively small group of users of Ireland. We are talking about a system that, in terms of interface and operation is quite similar to the stories of Instagram function.

Get Facebook Stories, a new feature very similar to Instagram stories.

With this in mind, while still not have had possibility any of test truly how have turned out certain problems cyclic as regards functionality e interface of user in Facebook, is easy understand that what offers this new option is the to share photos and videos with all your friends that will be deleted a time have last 24 hours from its publication.

As a final detail, let know you that, apparently, there are several key differences between the stories of Facebook and Instagram. While that Facebook may include masks using technologies of tracking facial, very similar to say identical to what offers Snapchat and that we cannot, at the moment, instagram, Facebook Stories does not include the ability to stream live or perform boomerangs.

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