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Facebook wants to compete with Pocket with two extensions for Chrome

Extensiones para Chrome

Facebook has lately scattered through several projects, several projects that have nothing to do with the Social network. But that doesn’t mean not incorporating them into their Social network. He recently presented two extensions for Chrome that will allow that our Facebook profile can be used as a tool to save our future readings. No, I don’t want to say it becomes a competitor of Goodreads, but whether that will be a competitor to services like Pocket or Instapaper. Facebook has created two free extensions for Chrome that will allow any reader can share their websites or favorite items through your Facebook profile or simply store your favorite websites to read them more later by saving to your Facebook account.

These extensions for Chrome will connect with Facebook Instant Articles

These extensions for Chrome are similar to those of Pocket or Instapaper, i.e. Once installed a button next to the address bar appears. Then, we must only press the button if you want to share the web or save it. In the case of web sharing we may share web or simply add the State “like” Facebook. The second extension is connected with the recent service of Facebook Instant Articles, a service aimed to provide the best digital items to its users, with the consequent benefit of editors and digital newspapers that gives them higher visibility these days. Now, in addition to being able to read articles from our selected publications, also you will find the websites that we have saved.

New extensions for Chrome are completely free and are available only for this browser. Unfortunately other browsers such as Mozilla Firefox does not have these extensions although it is expected that within a short time they have it available in their browser. Personally these new extensions seem interesting to Chrome but I doubt very much that is positive “I like” add to our readings. This already other services allow it as a Pocket and it is not very used to say.

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