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Facebook will display publications of our friends and family first

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Since more than one year ago, the company of Mark Zuckerberg you have changed the order in which items of accounts that we are displayed. A modification that not amused a lot of people, it was Facebook who we would show in their opinion, the most interesting news for us. But also not it would show us all the publications, but that it would only show us the most interesting.

Facebook always has played the trump card to be the Lord and master of the world’s largest social network, not to say that it is the only. And that arrogance is not a good counselor because the road has earned many enmities of users who have ceased to use their service, but gradually more and more are the users reject it.

And it seems to the guys at Facebook know and have wanted to modify the damn algorithm that shows us the most interesting for us in our feed publications that show us always en first the post of our family and friends, in this way we will lose us the information published by our acquaintances, leaving second publications of accounts that we continue.

As it is usual, this change is not immediate, without that it will take a few weeks to occur. Facebook has taken a year to realize that had gotten the leg trying to organize that we want or we can see as if the social network had become Lord and our love. The news has made it known the Vice President of Facebook Adam Mosseri, but also said:

Our goal is to facilitate the reading of the stories more relatives of people that really matters, leaving the rest of publications that have interest, but not so much for many users in the background.

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