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Facebook will remove the option to chat in the mobile web version

While its use has had an important acceptance of users, Facebook continues to have some a little absolute with Messengerbehavior, since it has now eliminated the option to chat with your contacts from the web version of the social network on mobile phones, according to data of Android Authority.

By means of a notice, people who have access to this option are being notified of that soon the talks will be only from the application, appearing in addition the direct address to this or to download in Google Play page.


The move is unfortunate for those who had shown reluctant to have to install it, because we consider that in memory of it spending is not less, by what was a valid option for the less powerful computers to chat from the web version for mobile.

With respect to the reason for this, media say it is because the idea of Facebook to monetize its two platforms of messaging, WhatsApp Messenger, as well as continuing to expand the popularity of both.

Anyway not everything is bad, now it seems Facebook Lite in this message does not appear, so there is this alternative for those who suffer by the subject of the available memory.

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