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Facebook will use artificial intelligence to prevent suicides


The network can do everything social, Facebook, wants to now also do their bit in regard to the scourge of suicides. The company has just introduced a so-called range of suicide prevention, assisted by an artificial intelligence tools. This is the main method that Facebook is going to use to prevent this type of disaster as well as the issuance thereof on its live video platform. This same platform has already been involved in scandals of rapes, kidnappings and humiliation that have been issued in strict direct without any kind of setback.

These suicide prevention tools are not new in Facebook, in fact the company already has quite some time applying extraordinary measures for the prevention of this type of misfortune, however, on this occasion the novelty lies in the fact that use a system of artificial intelligence, responsible for manage the situation properly, and avoid catastrophe. Thus, when the platform detects that something goes wrong, you will recommend such talk with a friend, any method that allows you to keep you entertained and focus the focus of your attention on a different matter which we are trying to.

In addition, this platform will be assisted with a group of physical controllers that will be kept abreast of any alerts and will attend the AI if necessary. A measure more than the company which belongs to a person who has been proposed as a challenge in life get rid of many diseases and all kinds of ills. However, is also strange to think how Facebook is capable of detecting even when we need help. Already it is almost so that we will see the networks any news of suicides that Facebook has been supposedly avoid, or not.

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