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Fantastical 2 for Mac is updated offering support to the Touch Bar


This is being a constant in the world of applications for Mac, and it is that updates to give support to the Touch Bar new MacBook Pro are the order of the day. On this occasion we have before us the new version of Fantastical 2, which reaches the 2.3.1 version and adds many improvements front the previous version.

We are confident that all know the benefits of this application for macOS and iOS, but to sum up a bit you will say that you it’s a calendar very optimized and ready to be on any Apple device via synchronization where have different calendars in one, with a very intuitive and modern interface. It’s a pure productivity application.

But going to it important that are the improvements that is added in this new version released during the afternoon of yesterday and that already have available in the Mac App Store:

  • Support for Touch Bar on the new MacBook Pro
  • New option to add invited detected to add automatically them invited detected in a phrase (e.g., “food with John tomorrow to the 12:30”)
  • Added option to complete reminder by clicking and holding down the button to be postponed in a reminder notification
  • Improvement of performance in the view of month
  • Solved drag reminders without a deadline from the section of reminders in calendar view
  • Solved bug visual when the graphite theme is used in macOS Sierra
  • Various fixes and improvements

Ultimately it’s outstanding overall improvements, but improvement par excellence is without a doubt the addition of support for The Touch Bar of the new MacBook Pro and the reduction in the price that has right now this application. Today you have a 20% discount for a limited time and we can buy it for 39.99 euros.

Fantastical 2 - Calendario y Recordatorios (AppStore Link)

Fantastical 2 – calendar and reminders

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