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Farming Simulator 14 Android becomes a free download game

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The official Google app store or what is the same thing the Google Play is full of games of all kinds, among which we can find one that very much attention, mainly because in it we will have to take care of a farm and grow our own fields. We are talking about the popular saga Farming Simulator, which now we have prepared a surprise for all Android users.

And is that with the official arrival at the market of Farming Simulator 2016, the developers of this game have wanted us to offer the possibility to enjoy Farming Simulator 2014 for free in our device with Android operating system.

Surely somewhere that once you will feel tempted to exercise of farmer, but the price of this safe game that you also put back on more than one occasion. Now you have no excuse to become a farmer worker and is that any user can download free Farming Simulator 2014.

No doubt this version of the game does not have the same options as the current version, which is sold on the Google Play with a price of 4.99 euros, but to enjoy for a while, planting crops, collecting them then sell them and get benefits that allow you to take your business forward.

Our recommendation is that by very strange to see this game, you should try it because one time you try it can not stop play, at least for a few days.

Ready to become a popular farmer’s Farming Simulator 2014 that now you can download for free hand?.

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