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Farming Simulator 14 happens to be free for both iOS and Android

Farming Simulator 14

Farm Simulator have a few in the App Store and Google Play Store. We have two aspects, one more management and arcade as there is Day of Supercell, and another one where we have more wet for plowing and collect, such as the Farming Simulator.

These, what happens, is that they need to be purchased to gain access to its gameplay where you can drive tractors for the harvest of your land. A feature that has gotten that many are thrown back. From today already does not excuse possible, since Farming Simulator 14 passes to the freemium model.

Farming Simulator 14 is a great game for the Administration of a farm in which you have to make yourself the most common tasks in this type of farm. Plow the land or harvest with your tractor will be daily tasks and you will have to improve to get the best possible performance to this land that you have in the property.

A franchise that has sold many games on PC and on mobile devices does very well to bring us a great Simulator. Even in the two titles available in the Google Play Store, Farming Simulator 14 and 16 included multiplayer, new vehicles, and more so that you know what is a farm.

The truth is that dealing with one of those big tractors and that you can update with some more potent, is a special experience which offers Farming Simulator 14. 3D graphics, more known models of the sector or the option to play via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth make it a sea of interesting title.

So, if the field is your thing, use the Tedder to create bales feed your cows and to then sell the milk to the best price in the market.

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