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Feel all that touching actually virtual thanks to Dexmo


As he publicly announces Dexta Robotics, Chinese company specialized in the design and creation of new technologies, Dexmo is basically a robotic glove that allows any user to be able to feel all the objects that you can touch and manipulate even in virtual reality with amazing precision.

Entering a little more in detail, under the guise of a glove, Dexmo offers a kind of exoskeleton in which you can insert your hands. Thanks to this can touch, grasp and feel any type of object that want to manipulate actually virtual as if it were manipulating in the world real. All this is possible thanks to the fact that this peculiar glove is equipped with five custom units of force feedback able to faithfully reproduce the feeling that would produce us objects to grab them and manipulate them.

Dexmo will allow you to play all kinds of objects present in virtual reality with great realism.

Click here to view the embedded video.

The operation of Dexmo is very simple since if be holding a soft object in virtual reality, as some sort of sponge, resistance of the engines present in the glove is very light while, if we manipulate an object harder resistance from them will be much greater. Right in the video above you can see much more in detail the functioning of this glove.

No doubt talk about a project you can have many applications that go far beyond use in the world of video games since Dexmo allows you to feel a very accurate experience that, as they discuss their own developers, could serve for surgeons to practice operations with a virtual patient or so explosives specialists can learn to defuse bombs without running any kind of danger.

More information: MIT

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