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Filtered alleged interface TouchWiz the Galaxy Note 7 beta

Almost a month of long-awaited presentation, a new rumor has leaked about the new Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Now, has released a video in which we can see the so-called new interface TouchWiz UX that would bring the new device from the Koreans, in which you can see some improvements with regard to what we could see in the S7.

As we can see in the video, the new filtered interface is appreciated a bit more minimalist, simple and somewhat more clean than the current version. The colors of this are somewhat more muted than the current version, it offers various options to manage grids, choosing different sizes to place widgets on the desktop.

note 7 touchwiz

In regards to the notification bar, we see a more significant change. Settings improve his appearance significantly, offering a darker color and also simplifying its use, as now users will not have to look too much to find what they need. In addition, some applications provide an option similar to that seen with Force Touch on the iPhone Plus 6S, where we will have that hold the application icon and immediately this will offer some options.

If the new TouchWiz UX filtered is official, we could see her released on 2 August, date to the company confirmed that it will develop an event in New York City, where will be presented the new Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

Finally, Samsung aims to simplify and improve the user experience in the new version of its controversial interface. It only remains to wait for the month of August to see it run on its new flagship and also expect the company to update the latest models presented by the mark, as the current S7 Galaxy.

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