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Filtered the new Moto Z interchangeable covers

Little needs to be officially revealed the next Moto Z from Motorola and Lenovo and continue the rumors and details about features that would tell the vessel brand logo. Thanks to some images of HellomotoHK, were announced a few interchangeable covers, called “StyleMods“.

They come in different colors and designs, and apparently for example the area of pins that will be used in the case of the famous modular kits, which will grant more functionalities to the phone.

SM_1SM_2 SM_3SM_4

As you might expect, the shells will be connected at the rear of the bike Z, which also account for the lens of large size which will be the main camera. In terms of materials, PhoneArena reports that they would seek from leather, ballistic nylon and wood.

The mission then is to wait until June 9, when the Lenovo Tech World develops and to confirm all these data to the next Motorola team.

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