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Filters the chassis of the MacBook Pro display with Touch ID OLED


Apple is close to starting the WWDC this year and besides the rumors of the new iPhone, there are also other rumors that speak of the possible MacBook Pro that Apple would launch before the end of the year and of which you already saw something last week.

The news was that an Analyst commented that the new Mac would be a sensor for footprints similar to that used on the iPhone (Touch ID) and other devices, and a screen OLED on the function keys among other innovations and now are some pictures of the MacBook Pro 13 inch filtered chassis. These photos of the chassis that are reaching the net offer us besides this kind of Groove where it is assumed that the screen will be other interesting news.

The first innovation that can be in the photos leaked in the average Cult of Mac, is that like his brother’s 15 inches, this MacBook Pro it would lead the integrated speakers on the sides of the upper part, you can also see two images in which ports that will add this new machine and stays with 4 ports USB C and jack 3, 5 mmcan be seen.

MacBook Promacbook-pro-2

Another detail that is not appreciated in the leaked photos, but if has been rumored, is the change of the hinge that connects the keyboard to the screen. This would be aluminum just like the one used in the new 12-inch MacBook leaving aside the current plastic.

The truth is that since Apple is neither confirmed nor denies rumors like that at other companies, so it will be be patient and wait for the WWDC to see if they teach us something or are they expected to spend the summer.

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