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Finally Skype updates Android app with an optimized interface for tablets


Since in September of the year last Skype update the design of the app, for both iOS and Android, to be up to standard in terms of the prevailing in the languages of design of these two popular operating systems for mobile devices, is cast in failure to that of Google did not have optimized interface for tablets.

Skype has finally updated Android app with an interface optimized for those devices of higher dimensions. Good news for users who daily use this messaging app on a tablet and you can perform various tasks at the same time from large-size format.

Now is when both the version of iOS and Android, in landscape mode offered the same sensations each with their things, but allowing the user to take advantage of the qualities of own a device that passes the 7 inch in the majority of cases. This new multi-panel Vista speaks the team of Skype: “turn your device and you will be able to send messages, files and check recent chats you have because you’re in a voice or video call“.

Skype has also integrated two new features in this update, although they do not have as much dimension as the UI for tablets. One is the universal search to find quickly contacts, chats, groups and Skype bots, while the other, the second is responsible for automatically add cards from contacts of the user on your list. Skype says that, from now on, it will be easier than ever to invite a user who is not yet using the service.

Update is already from the Google Store Play list so that you can try the new user experience which means having a UI that takes advantage of the dimensions of a tablet. Another of those many developments that often we bring Skype every little bit.

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