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Fire Emblem Heroes is already available in some regions

As it had previously announced, today February 2 Nintendo released Fire Emblem Heroes mobile, although currently only available in selected countries, and in the process of distribution.

In Mexico it is now available for iOS through the App Store and Android by Google Play, but for other regions of Latin America and Chile still does not officially.

As you know, anyway it is possible to play it either using a us account or downloading the APK file, but that would be at your own risk.

Meanwhile, we leave the official description and a bit of this new game for Nintendo mobile:

Portals to other worlds, heroes on your side.

Fire Emblem, the acclaimed Nintendo strategic RPG series, finally comes to mobile devices.

Engages in battles designed to play anywhere and adapted for touch screens. Invokes all the Fire Emblem universe heroes, perfect your skills and bring them to victory. This adventure is unlike any other Fire Emblem!

an epic mission

A world in which coexist two powers: the Empire of Embla, which craves submit heroes from other worlds, and the Kingdom of Askr, as opposed to their plans.

Your avatar has great powers of summoning that allow you to call legendary heroes of different worlds of Fire Emblem. Join Askr defenders to save their Kingdom from destruction!

exciting battles

It engages in strategic battles turn-based, designed to play anywhere and on maps that fit in the Palm of your hand! You will have to take into account the advantages and disadvantages offered by the armament of your allies, as well as observe carefully the characteristics of the different maps. Takes your battalion to victory thanks to simple touch controls: for example, to attack only have to slip an ally into an enemy.

new characters and legendary heroes

Many old acquaintances of the Fire Emblem series and completely new characters created by renowned Illustrator Yusuke Kozaki, who has already worked in Fire Emblem Awakening and Fire Emblem Fates are intermingled in this game. Some of the heroes will fight by your side, while others will stand in your way and you will have to defeat them in fierce battles that they join your ranks.

the different game modes will make you to enjoy again and again

In addition to the main story, the game has other game modes that will allow you to strengthen your allies and test yourself against other players, among other things. In addition, thanks to future free updates, you can get new allies and different content, as well as other surprises they will give you hours of fun.

● history maps: this original plot brings completely new characters and legendary heroes of the Fire Emblem series. Lead your armies to victory to save the Kingdom from Askr.

● practice Tower: fight on maps of practice that you can access when you want to earn rewards and experience (Exp) to your allies. Each time that you enter in the Tower, the enemies and terrain can vary to consider a new challenge.

● The Colosseum: Here you will be able to test you with rivals around the world. According to your score and your place in the ranking, you can earn different objects that allow to improve the skills of your heroes.

● Encounters: are a series of special maps that are available for a limited time. In them you will face powerful heroes that you must defeat to join your ranks.

Fight with your favorite heroes, get they become more powerful and enjoy with this original adventure that breaks new ground.

What is Fire Emblem?

Fire Emblem is a long-lived series of RPG turn-based with a deep burden of tactics which deepens with each movement. As their stories unfold, you’ll find and you will lose many allies.

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Fire Emblem Heroes requires 48MB on Android and 67MB / 82MB in iOS, and as you know a model remains free-to-play, i.e. that it is a free download but it has micro transactions.

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